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Let's start planning our own Troop Klondike!

Posted by jaypullen on Jan 18 2017 - 6:48am
  • PLC meeting at 6:45.  How was camp? start prep for our Klondike
  • Major Troop 65 Eagle Court of Honor this Saturday!  Billy, Max K, Dan H, and Dan C each played a major role in bringing many of you into the troop and helping you as you were new scouts on your way to becoming first class.  They were your patrol leaders and senior patrol leaders at camps when you were new.  They have reached the end of this phase of their scouting career, and the court of honor is the place where that is celebrated.  This is a time where we show our appreciation for their time spent in the troop and celebrate their accomplishments and their hard work in earning the rank of Eagle.  Everyone in the troop should do what they can to try and make it to this celebration!  Please sign up here on the website, it is from 3-5:30 in Findley Hall, and don't forget to look sharp--wear your class A's and sash.
  • Time to start gearing up for our winter camp at Camp Bucoco up in Slippery Rock.  The idea was that we would pull out our new sleds and maybe build igloos, have snowball fights, or whatever you guys plan.  It's in 3 weeks, so sign up now and let's start planning what we want to do!

Electronics Camp Prep!

Posted by jaypullen on Jan 10 2017 - 7:16am

We will be loading the trailer this meeting, and it's a big one!  The coordination of the scouts always amazes me for this trip.  Here are some pics from last year

Adopt a Highway canceled--Again!

Posted by jaypullen on Jan 6 2017 - 1:03pm

Hey Scouts,

We're going to cancel the adopt a highway cleanup scheduled for tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning wind chills are forecasted to be in the single digits!  Plus we only had two scouts signed up.  We'll try and reschedule it for later and will let everyone know when we do.

Sorry for the inconvienence.

Mr Pullen / Mr DeCarlucci

Welcome Back Meeting! PLC at 6:30

Posted by jaypullen on Jan 3 2017 - 7:08am

Welcome Back from the holidays, scouts!!!

  1. PLC and ASM meeting at 6:30.  Everyone else--normal time at 7:30.  That means all patrol leaders as well as Assistant Scoutmasters lets meet at 6:30.  As many of our scouts are on their last leg at getting to first class, we will be talking about how we want to go about getting them filtered in to the other patrols--or do we make totally new patrols.  I want the patrol leaders to think about this and talk to their patrol members and we can discuss it at the PLC.  We will also be talking about options on handling the crossover scouts coming up in March and whether we want them added to existing patrols or do we want to keep them seperate for the first year like we did this past year.

Eagle Court of Honor

Posted by carolecraft on Jan 2 2017 - 9:42pm

All scouts and their families are invited to a Court of Honor on January 21 at 3:00 to celebrate the Eagle rank advancement of Max K, Aaron E, Daniel C, Billy R, and Daniel H.  The court will be held in Findley Hall at SHUP. Light refreshments will be served. 

Please RSVP to the calendar invite by January 13. Hope to see everyone there! 

Merry Christmas!

Posted by jaypullen on Dec 24 2016 - 4:49pm

I want to wish all the scouts, their families, and our scoutmasters and their families a very Merry Christmas.  I found this, too.  A message from Lord Baden-Powell.  A Christmas message to scouts in 1919.

December 13, 1919

A MERRY CHRISTMAS This Christmas will be different from those of the past five years because the war is over and we are at peace once more. So it ought to be the merry Christmas that it once used to be. But though we are at peace with our late enemies, we are hardly at peace among ourselves yet, and that is a great pity. There are quarrels and strikes going on which do very little good to anybody, and do a great deal of harm to people who have nothing whatever to do with the question. You, Scouts, can do a great deal by showing the example to others of not being selfish. When you want a thing badly, think of other people at the same time, and, if they want it, too, share it with them, You will be all the happier for it afterwards. "Peace and Goodwill among men" is the motto for Christmas. It is what Christ preached. All you Scouts who are Christians, that is, who try to carry out what Christ taught, can do it in the best possible way by practising goodwill and kindness towards others. Other religions which are not Christian, such as the Jewish, Mahommedan, and others, all recognise Christ as having been a good teacher above all others. So you Scouts who belong to these faiths can, without being false to your creed, join in following out the same idea by sinking personal feelings and by practising goodwill and kindness and peace towards others. Do your best, Scouts, to make it a happier and more kindly world.